Saturday, July 7, 2007

Maintain Healthy Sexual Function

The Medical community agrees that a healthy sexual life is essential for good over all health. Whether it is with anither person or on your own. One of the best things for maintaining healthy sexual function is to have a healthy sex life.
If you haven't looked at sex toys you might be missing out on alot of personel pleasure for no reason.
Sex toys can dramatically enhance your personel sexual experiences and take you on rides that you'd never dreamed possible.

Sleeves are the most common toys made specifically for
men most commonly referred to as masturbation sleeves. Masturbation sleeves are basically tubes that fit over your penis to give you the feeling of being inside a vagina.
Some of the newer gel models look and feel real, especially warmed. Designers have gone a step further and made the openings on sleeves to look like various orfices---mouth, vagina, anus, giving men their fantasy of choice.
They are most commonly used as an extension of the hand in normal masturbation. They also can be used by placing them between your mattress and box springs for some hands off fun that keeps your sex muscles in top shape.

Another great vibrating option for men is the combination cock ring with vibrating eggs. This lets men stimulate their testicles and their penis at the same time for extra pleasure. This type of product can also be used to turn your penis into a vibrator, which can give a little boost to otherwise regular sex with your partner.

Classic cock rings are also available. Most men have heard about cock rings and a fair few have discovered that they can intensifiy orgasms when worn.Cock rings also create larger and harder erections. They restrict the blood flow out of the penis ( through veins on the outside ) the tissue inside the penis shaft retain more blood. Net result-- a larger and firmer erection.

Pleasing yourself is about exploring options and one option that many men overlook is prostate stimulation. Now most men know a bit about their prostate , but only a few know of the pleasure that can be had with it . Many men swear that some of the most intense orgasms they've ever had involved stimulating their prostate with a butt plug, traditional vibrator or anal beads.
Many guys will hesitate at the idea ,but with the gains to be had why not give it a try on your own first .Your private sex life may become intensely fulfilling.

Another avenue to try is penis extensions. They are hollow strap-ons that guys can use to give their woman new thrills with a twist. Were talking about gel or rubber strap-ons that guys use to substantially lenghten and thicken your penis . Most are useable with a erect penis or a flaccid penis. They are great for men interested in pleasing women. Penis extensions are a great guatantee for her satisfaction.

Surprise yourself by exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure for yourself and your partner. There are more ways to be sexually healthy and although this may seem new to you. Sex toys are a great healthy fun. Not only are you they good for your own pleasure but you can impress your partner by knowing a few extra tricks.

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